Community Policing Program

Community Policing is both a philosophy and an organizational strategy that emphasizes the importance of collaboration between law enforcement, government, business and industry, and the citizens of our community. Community Policing challenges us to enter into partnerships with every segment of the community. Police officers engaged in Community Policing act as catalysts to mobilize the community to work with the police to address factors that detrimental to the overall quality of life within our community.

Community Policing emphasizes creative, collaborative solutions to community problems. The community and the department collectively engage in the problem-identification process, utilizing a combination of ongoing community input and crime analysis techniques to arrive at a sense of what the problems are in our community, and develop the most appropriate and effective means of addressing them. We use methods such as informal feedback, citizen surveys, and program evaluation to measure our level of success, constantly re-adjusting strategies to ensure continued success in our efforts. As a result, we have become dynamic in responding to the problems we have identified and the programs developed to address them. As a Community Policing department we strive to achieve the highest levels of professionalism and service to the community, and have a positive impact on the quality of life in Hanson.

All of the programs and Units below have been developed to address problems that have been identified, using the methods previously described. Much of the funding used for equipment and training was obtained through federal and state grant programs. The Hanson Police Department has actively sought funding through many grant programs in an effort to expand our capabilities and better enable us to respond to the wide range of needs in our community.